Smoked Garlic

Cold smoked like our other products to preserve the crispness and health qualities of this American grown, quality garlic. Cold smoked garlic is like fresh garlic but with a mild smokey flavour, it is still raw, hard and garlicky.  A garlic munchers delight. Mix with butter, mayonaise, sauté with it (adds a bacon-like flavor)… Even

Texas Twisters (Smoked Jalapenos)

Texas Twisters (Smoked Jalapeños) 24 ounces The future of peppers! Chipotle is now a thing of the past… Our Smoked Jalapeño is not just another variation on a theme. It’s a whole ‘nother thing’.  When we say “Smoked Jalapeño”, we do not mean chipotle. Our Smoked Jalapeño is an entirely different product that, even after

Jalapeno Toothpics

Hand carved from Ecuador A toothpic in the mouth is a major Hispanic macho image tradition, after eating they pick their teeth at the table too. Contains toothpicks Suitable for commercial or home use Item Weight    19.4 ounces Price: $6.95        

Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets by Smokin’ Dave Other sizes available please call   Price: $20.00  

Smoked Habanero’s

Smoked Habanero’s – 24 ounces The habanero is a hot chili pepper that is terrifice for adding flavor to whatever you ar cooking. This Smoked Habanero Powder enhances the flavor of the habanero chili powder. Finally brought to market. Our neighbors in Louisiana have been instrumental in making this a reality. They’re HOT!!! Price: $