Here is one of our many Great Testimonials:

I got some of your peppers they were awesome the next week I got some of your Garlic man o man they rock!!! Now you peppers and garlic have caused marital strife, My wife keeps telling me no we can’t put Texas Twisters (Smoked Jalapeno’s) or Smoked Garlic in all our food. I hope we can stay together… G. C. Houston ,TX

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Smokin’ Dave has been pursuing this goal for years, and now brings to you what our family and friends have been enjoying. Our Texas Twisters (Smoked Jalapeños) , Smoked Garlic, and Such- are the world’s best, original and only products like them on the market.

By bringing you foods that not only taste great, but are healthy too, we have succeeded in making your world a Better Place to Eat. Our Texas Twisters is not just another variation on a theme. It’s a whole ‘nother thing’.” Our Smoked garlic is also pleasing palates everywhere, finding itself an interesting addition to all your family’s favorites. When we say “Texas Twisters”, we do not mean chipotle. Our Texas Twisters is an entirely different product that, even after our proprietary smoking process, still maintains it’s nutritional value, flavor appearance, and texture. Our Smoked Garlic is prepared in much the same fashion. For years many foods have just been variations on a theme. A little salt here, a little oregano there. But now your culinary world has changed. Smokin’ Dave has created a “new spice of life”. No longer will your Lasagna be just Lasagna, or your Cornbread just Cornbread. Your pizza, salsa, nachos, beans, Barbeque, and anything else your imagination allows, will have a brand new twist.

Smokin’ Dave has created the “new standard” for sauces and salsas, by combining our Smoked Garlic and Texas Twisters with the old “family recipes.” Your imagination is the limit with your new “colors ”. Our friends, family and customers have sent us numerous recipes of their new creations, and comments & testimonials about our products.

Health conscious? Who isn’t ?

At the top of the lists of healthy foods, you will always find peppers and garlic. Both have been touted for thousands of years, and have quite a history as a preventive “medicine” and a cure for many ailments.

Jalapeno’s– Zesty and Healthy, and Garlic – the Spice of Life. Use either or both in your creations and you’ll be the talk of the town. Use them in your daily diet, you will be better off for it !!

Our Smoked garlic and Texas Twisters also make great gifts. We have actually traveled the world over and found nothing else like our products. Ours are truly the “Original”, the “Best” and the “Only”.

Our succulent and flavorful Jalapenos and Garlic are prepared in much the same manner. Both are intensely smoked for an extended period of time and then packed in our own special blend of “spice and everything nice.”

Truly Gourmet products, our Jalapenos and Garlic are hand prepared, smoked , inspected, and hand packed. Truly a labor of love !!!

Our products speak for themselves. Once tasted, we promise you will be a believer.