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 Jalapeno Pepper
Smoked Jalapenos (24 oz.)
The future of peppers, Chipotle is now a thing of the past, Hatch you’ve met your match……Put them in… everything!
Qty: Price: $7.99   


Smoked Garlic (9oz.)
Cold smoked like our other products to preserve the crispness and health qualities of this American grown, quality garlic. A garlic munchers delight. Mix with butter, mayonaise, saute’ with it ( adds a bacon-like flavor) Even the kids will eat their veggies now!
Qty: Price: $5.99  


Smoked Habanero’s (10 oz.)
Finally brought to market. Our neighbors in Louisiana have been instrumental in making this a reality. Yep…..They’re HOT !!
Qty: Price: $5.99  



Small Basket
Please choose any two of our products. Each basket contains other goodies, including a stainless steel cork screw / bottle opener ( $10 value at a leading gourmet store)
Choice #1: